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Pregnancy Specialist

Bronx Urgent Care, P. C.

Urgent Care located in Bronx, NY

If you think you may be pregnant and want confirmation or if you are pregnant and need medical assistance, the doctors and medical staff at Bronx Urgent Care provide compassionate and expert care to take care of your needs. Women and couples from the communities of the Bronx, New York, and surrounding areas will find the care they need during pregnancy with Bronx Urgent Care’s doctors and experienced staff.

Pregnancy Q & A

I think I might be pregnant, do you provide pregnancy testing services?

Yes. Bronx Urgent Care provides pregnancy testing services. The on-site lab provides quick results for the simple urine test needed to screen for the hormones and proteins released during pregnancy. If you have taken an at-home test and want to confirm the results or if the results were inconclusive, come into Bronx Urgent Care, where pregnancy testing is discreet and quick.

What services does Bronx Urgent Care provide to pregnant women?

Most pregnant women have relationships with OB-GYNs to monitor their health and development throughout pregnancy. The staff at Bronx Urgent Care is also able to monitor your health and the development of your baby as well as provide more general health care services as you need them throughout your pregnancy. For example, if you catch a severe cold or strep throat while you are pregnant, the staff at Bronx Urgent Care can provide effective treatment to help you recover and manage your symptoms.

Since you are pregnant, you may want to avoid the over-the-counter medications that you would take if you weren’t pregnant. Bronx Urgent Care provides a range of health care services for both urgent needs and your general health. If you are concerned about your health during pregnancy and are unable to see your OB-GYN, come into Bronx Urgent Care, where the medical staff will provide you with the highest-quality care.

How often do I need to see a doctor while I’m pregnant?

You will see doctors frequently throughout your pregnancy. For the first 28 weeks you will typically see your doctor once a month. Then you will have biweekly checkups until week 36. After week 36, you will have weekly checkups until your baby is delivered. All of these checkups allow your doctor to monitor your health and the health and development of your baby.

Your weight, blood pressure, and measurements will be taken. Your doctor will also tell you about what to expect during the next few weeks of your pregnancy and answer any questions you have. Expectant mothers who are in a higher risk group -- for example over the age of 35 or if you have gestational diabetes -- will have more frequent checkups.


At Bronx Urgent Care, we accept many of the largest insurance plans. The list of insurance plans we currently accept are listed below. Please contact our office if you don't see your insurance provider listed.

Empire Plan
Oxford United Healthcare